Hawks Town owned Huang Baishan

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摘要: Eagle City Huang Baishan China's own knowledge to Taoism as the source, Huang - Lao, continue to learn together, so that the Sovereigns and Five Emperors in ancient history, stretching to Chronology, ...

Eagle City Huang Baishan China's own knowledge to Taoism as the source, Huang - Lao, continue to learn together, so that the Sovereigns and Five Emperors in ancient history, stretching to Chronology, ancient book to find out. "Huanglong Cheng Jisheng Hua Xu, Hua Xu Fraser pregnant human ancestors.Fuxi and Nuwa to China."Said.Zhou dynasty, there is content "Historical Records family of Confucius" records, and asked the village to commemorate Confucius, while looking across the water Zhi, is Huang Baishan.Hill is not, Confucius drying desks, and there are interactive disc on this site for several days of Confucius mentoring.There Huang Feihu temple.Han Yan light teeth Cork lived here, to help obtain Liu victory Kunyang.Emperor Ming for funds to have Vihara.There's Chaoyang Dong Yuan, ancestral temple; the Ming Yin Hing Temple.And in 1929 by the Shijia Yun, Li Zijian and other established here Yingcheng first Communist Party organizations.Connubial there Xinyang Shangshui of Huang Baishan.Both for the two Chinese Huang Baishan, while tracing the Qingyuan, perennial chase away, Hawks Town owned Huang Baishan.After immigrant culture, Huang Baishan name spread like wildfire, the achievements of Huang Baishan names later Shangshui.    Charles "Chinese Dictionary": Treats, also known as "yellow tiller".Also known as "yellow shoot from an old stump".Deciduous tree.Bark light gray.Pinnate, leaflets oval or ovate-lanceolate.Open yellow-green flowers.Black fruit.Hard wood can be manufactured butt.Stems may be made of yellow dye.Bark medicine Chinese medicine, there is heat, detoxification and other effects."Music Bureau Poetry Qu Qing providers a · Midnight Song Ten": "Huang Yucheng Lin tiller, when more than painstakingly Chennai."" Beijing popular novel wrong cut Cui Ning ":" mute disrespect taste yellow tiller taste, difficult to hide the bitter."Yuan Liu when the" correct good-high Supervision Department of "Divertimento 'eat yellow are not old FEDERATION paws' Wang Jisi, etc. Note:' 'not old' should be a word, but also to the level tone; it 'Huang is not the old' yes' Huang Bo 'of sound transfer.It is a deciduous tree fruits, such as soybeans, edible."" Ancient and Modern Fiction Lonely hut Ruen subordinated debt injustice ":" Treats mouth with taste, bitter own knowledge."Cork is the occasion of Don Jackson Sioen off another name.Lu Song "Old School Om notes," Volume 10: "Paul Jackson for life" Taming Rinzai, "says:" Teachers can be printed by the yellow tiller, arrived in town to find state east of Hebei, near Hutuohe side yard abbot, name Rinzai."" Ming Tu Long "Epiphyllum Kee founder argument": "Although the supernatural change, not living head, fear of yellow tiller cut my feet, ascetic non Yuandun the door, that virtue aloof, hard to stopover."Cork, even more on medicinal value."Shu Materia Medica": "FIG" cloud, Phellodendron amurense, the number of packets high trees, leaves like Evodia, and as Zichun, yellow skin, such as Panasonic root Poria.Where there are now, out of this room, business, and other states combined Valley.Two tight skin thickness, the third, by diaphana.February May Mining skin, dry day."The sketches by": Bo wood, Huang Bo also, there's now everywhere to Xiu who is better.May June skin picking, dry with a rough wrinkle.Its root name Tan Huan."Outline": Bo wood, in the name not detailed."Shen Nong's Herbal Classic" made of wood and roots Bo, Bo skin without saying, not at the ancient wood and leather universal peace.    Huang Baishan name does not appear in the vegetation, but seen in figures.And its characters, is relying on Yaoshan Zhi originated in water (River) and survive.Look Zhi water (River) jade belt wrapped around a general, too old Lu Yang, the ancient ferry crossing the North, through the ancient ruins County mountains and rivers, over rivers and mountains, around to ask today opposite the village, while towering stand midstream is an elevation of only 105 meters, area 8.Gushan 70,000 square meters, that is, Huang Baishan.Huang Baishan Peak addition to mentoring Confucius left blot, there are some authentic Zhou Dynasty, say after the conquest of Chu Dong Yi family, who were placed in some of the border near the Chu Huang Baishan, intended to facilitate care.Confucius has encountered a suitable leaf pick yu mad and mysterious, long-ju proud and reticent, Jie drowning in red and forthright, kind-hearted elderly subtle, are some of the characters of South Huang Baishan.According to Huang Baishan presided say, mentoring Confucius lived in Huang Baishan 6,7 days, the middle must have been awe-inspiring temple.According to the ancient pantheon arrangements, Taoists ancestral temple should be my search from the ancient books, "Hua Xu Frazier pregnant human ancestors," a.I visited the site, has a front guhuai 2,000 years old, although the hollow trunk, but still flourish, especially as the star collapses as forced to go to the center, leaving behind only the four sides of the ancient tree bark, bark has a coins original pattern, showing its vitality.    In my research it seems, there are two people whose teeth Treats.And most are related to Huang Baishan close relationship.One is the figure during the late-bloomer Gods, named Cork teeth, No. Purse, also known as Huanglong live."Gods" shows its great achievements as follows: (1) cut-excited beyond words to teach Emeishan Rover hole Gongming, was arrested Zhao tied with Alonso, Red sperm failed rescue.Huanglong live in captivity to Army Camp banner hanging in the bar, after (forty-seventh back Komeito his assistant Wen Taishi) was rescued after Yang Jian (2) land pressure Zhaogong kill three Xiandao sky, Xiao Qiong, Bi Xiao revenge for the brother, set up nine Yellow River front, the Huanglong other twelve cents and Kim Doo-Hun Yuan Yu Xu door people use to get into the array, cut three flowers on top, chest five gas consumer.After I was, Primus rescued.(Fifty-meter back Sangu put the Yellow River Front, fifty-first back to break camp Ziya robbery Wen Chung) (3) will Wan Sin sounding words to shock troops then cut the sect, was at Jingu hoop horse brain.After Primus is rescued.(Eighty-second back to the three religions of the General Assembly Wan Sin array) (4) XII break Yee Sin "ten must Array", Huanglong live appearances list of twelve cents.(Forty-fourth back Ziya trance Kunlun Mountains).Examples of Huanglong about the reality of many, not to enumerate here.To say that number's Purse, baffling."Spring and Autumn Annals asked the seven": "No to the extravagant palace, labor, whereas the section and take the people's Purse."" Records Wudi ":" Dig born gods, since the words of its name.Pu Shili was not its body."" Book of Jin Li Zhi ":" to Depp Shi, Huicun boundless, is to build community too, bless IMC."Don Lu made the" well meaning Fu ":" drink it blew forget their tiring work, as appropriate, of the charge and welcomes its Purse."Thus, this Cork dental its meaning deep.    The second is the character of the Eastern Han Dynasty, named Cork teeth.Cork is said to have teeth seclusion Huang Baishan.The same period Yanziling (Yan light) on the great cause to help Patrick Lau, who followed after the study tour YingChuan Liu, also at first lived in the village of Ye Yan Zhi Huang Baishan western foot of water on the shore, known as Fisherman.As the rounds of small Xiu, Yanziling (Yan light) familiar with them, is also a fellow of the people.Because both can pinch will be counted, even if Liu and Wang Mang set to be a big fight here, so that they together with advantageous terrain here, after years of building, planted twelve years Crocodiles scam, secretly helped Patrick Lau would uphold Han room great cause.At that time, Zhi Huang Baishan water in the eastern foot of the ancient ferry, is the North-South capital of the Yunnan-Guizhou ancient strategic position, Zhi water (River) where the formation of twists and turns, deep Ho Osawa.Liu then as a cover for the army to retreat, to come forward and rear attacks.Huang Baishan just Ferries distress, thanks to Yanziling (Yan light) and Cork teeth prior to Huang Baishan center, from the embankment Zheng Yu Kiu grave in the village of scam (Ye County belong to the territory of 12 villages in cloth, Wang Mang army so far, suddenly lost its way, Liu Xiu to calm escape.Followed by the Battle of Kunyang AD 23 years, when Wang Mang defeated Kunyang town, starting from Jinru grave Village, asked the village (across the river is Huang Baishan), Yan village, the embankment area of the village Zheng Zhi Crossing the Water (now Shahe).Yanziling proficient in astronomy, geography, and the estimated time of heavy rain date, and suggestions for Liu Mang and military battle, coincided with heavy rain storm.So Mang defeated army crossing the addicted do when Zhi water whirlpool rapids, there are floating corpse like a hundred miles, drowning hundreds of thousands of government troops, whom that water does not flow Zhi."Ye Xian county" records, Wang Mang "new" Battle of Kunyang army defeated, the "new" towards death, 25 AD, Liu Xiu in Luoyang establishment of the Eastern Han dynasty, is Guangwu.In 58 AD, Emperor Ming Liu Zhuang ascended the throne, to commemorate the war's father, Yang Liu Xiukun achievements, Huang Baishan built in appropriations Abode.    River (Zhi water) and over about Huangbo Shan, Piedmont mountain water wide, flat water potential, respectively, white and black Dragon Dragon two Lake.Something which the White Dragon Pool over 300 meters long, 70 meters wide from north to south, the water was dark green, unfathomable.It is this body of water, the achievements of the former eel fine story.Folklore, ancient lake there are two yellow eel, become immortal, not only clouds, can do anything they want to benefit villagers.After suddenly one day, a Nan Manzi errand, they found, by magic, her son caught in the south wall of the inn, and sometimes let her two water posts, and sometimes let them ordered by recklessly driven, for its play.They knew little time behind bars, so all in tears.Another day, a stall traders Lushan Zhang Jiang Jiang to this, she kindled hopes both to flee.They put ginger traders wake up from sleep, get his sympathy, promise to rescue them.So he opened plywood, save them down.Immortals told him that they just brought out the entrance to the village that is.Until the dead of night, three of them quietly out of the village, had just boarded the coach, but was found Nan Manzi.They gallop in front, behind the carriage in hot pursuit, and Scream aloud "catch up" and "catch up".Immortals quickly let Jiang trafficking response "catch up" and finally to escape.That night, they fled thousands of miles, back at Huang Baishan.Immortals of Zhang Jiang trafficking saving grace grateful, and presented to show a lot of silver reward.And with similar, another day to this trip, after Huang Baishan hidden in the walls, to be heard came from the water, "Manzi head was cut off not?"Just crashed 'cut off' to.This day, Zhang Liang Jiang trafficking to the party, just after hiding in the walls, Nan Manzi will chase horses, I saw his hand down Maken, I read to avoid the curse of water, a drill into deep water lake, not for a while, the lake water is like badly in general, and the water came from Manzi head was cut off the sound does not have the information desk.Zhang Jiang traders heard, immediately should channel "cut off", only this one, the lake immediately to restore calm, wait a moment separated from the body first outsiders they float above the surface of the water.Yellow and white Immortals After the water again thanked Zhang Jiang trafficking and told him that, though beautiful here, so that they love, but at the end of the non-long-term shelter, they go to far, far away Emeishan continue to practice.Since then not a bottomless pit phase.Since then, in honor of them, especially the yellow eel whichever is homophonic, this mountain was renamed Huang Baishan.In fact, they went to the Sichuan Qingcheng Mountain, where because of Taoism, Qingcheng Mountain is a mountain air with Huang Baishan.    And by chance, Huanglong Huanglong Temple worship is real, but the difference is that in spite of Huanglong Cave is full of mystery, and more fascinating, legendary incarnation of this hole Huanglong Huanglong is a real person, rather than to the Cork Road dental practice.Huanglong Temple recorded his origin the case: in the ancient days of the flood tide, the earth is a Jiang Yang.Yu Wang Minjiang flood along upwardly scrutiny Jiang Yuan, swirling in Wenchuan to the riverbank between Yingxiuwan long dragon nine total defected Wang Yu; seeking the closure position, Yu and co.This Kowloon See Jiang Yuan Yu Wang scrutiny, it is a good opportunity to go on about the same audience with him.In place of encounter, Kowloon lying to kowtow to worship.Wang Yu suddenly see nine Beast blocking the aisle in advance, sometimes panic, cry out "snake!snake!snake!"Exile is led by a dragon called worms, stretch it lying died, the Ben U-turn away, Huanglong was at the Wolong behind it frightened running back until he reached the source along the Minjiang River, to take off over the snow Baoding livestock intended to initiate anger, revenge for Yu.Wang Yu see Kowloon dead fled away, continued scrutiny Jiang Yuan, not the 1st place went to Mao-chou, the river suddenly rolled black waves evil wind, wishing Yu was riding overturned canoe, is this critical juncture, suddenly golden light coming from the river Huanglong, with a dark and stormy storms waging a desperate struggle, finally winning Huanglong, burdened with Yu was riding canoe, up river, the police had to help Yu Wang Minjiang river source.Huanglong Yu was originally going to retaliate, to find Mao-chou local river and stormy intended to harm the demon Yu Wang, Huang Yu surprised think of snake dragon Dragon disgrace seal them, but the people he flood regardless of the hardships that the achievements outweigh so he changed revenge for revenge, so dark and stormy demon battle back, Yu and help.Later, Dayu successful, pray to heaven and earth, like Huanglong help him water power, seeking called Dragon.Huanglong Xie Feng, unwilling to heaven, he Minshan attached to this source, hiding in the forests went into.Later people to commemorate Xiumiao, so named Huanglong Temple.Here people still praise he does not remember personal enmity, the overall situation, to benefit the people of virtue.    Information search, do not know who the "Ferries Huang Baishan," a poem, the poem says: "Zhi around Cork ferry through the ages, through the Spring and Autumn cares about the book.Loop roller bicyclic Sands, Long Beach two brush willow.Palace still Yin Hing Hong Mei Yun, Han Huai fasting also burly.White Dragon Pool Villa Bi Tsui, revolutionary male monument greet the sunrise."From the poem that, because Han Huang Baishan hermit named Cork teeth oun, because Wu Cheng Wang Huang Feihu mountain temple, therefore, alias yellow mountain.The last research, Huang Feihu home and cemetery in Baofeng County Township ago today.Spring area should belong to the country, where there was when the temple to commemorate the.Poem "Revolution monument Ying Xiong Sunrise" one, is imposing.Shijia Yun Huang Baishan then went to eat, ignited Huang Baishan, relying on the identity of priests, to carry out the revolution, in 1927, first established branch, after the enemy persecution; Li Zijian one after another, in 1929 rebuilt branch, spark, you can start a prairie fire.Since then, the red fire passed Hawks Town.Now, Huang Baishan revolutionary hero monument built Ye and Huang Baishan underground branch of Memorial.With the zoning adjustment, Huang Baishan attribution high-tech zone, a few days ago, accompanied by Ministers of the Organization Xuzhan Sheng, we first examined the Hawks Town branch.Next, I will further tap the red story, write a "red Huang Baishan beginning", please we look forward to.







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