Hawks Town achievements Huang Ting

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摘要: "Crane actively look for the Prince Jin, really have to admire Duke of Ye Long.Years past, such as birds, pour a day to worry sunset.Tang Junyi survivors can name, Jin is still Duanbei articles, clo ...

"Crane actively look for the Prince Jin, really have to admire Duke of Ye Long.Years past, such as birds, pour a day to worry sunset.Tang Junyi survivors can name, Jin is still Duanbei articles, clouds without bud Sang measure, only barren sense on long.The song "Ye beginning to" Poetry is the Song Dynasty poet Huang Ting beginning of the first song to go Hawks Town.Song Zhiping four years (1067), Huang Jinshi examinations, either Ruzhou Ye Xian Wei.Period, Huang traveling throughout the day in addition to Ye County Ruzhou, Wugang, Xiang County, Jia County, Lushan and other places, and has a two hundred poems, leaving a large number of well-known poems.More than four years time, it is precisely Eagle City of old times, the achievements of Huang Ting.  The search for traces of Huang Ting, when light look back to the year July 28, 1045, that is, Song Qingli five years June 12 the day, Huang Ning in Hongzhou (now Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province Xiushui County) birth.Jiujiang to Eagle City, or by the Eagle City to Jiujiang, large hermit Lushan Eastern Han Fan Ying and I have the same feelings landscape, and wanted to talk, Huang impressively, just swap the position of each other home and second home not to mention, a millennium apart away.  "Song?Huang Ting "records," Huang Ting word Lu straight, Ning Hongzhou.Young Jingwu, reading counted Noir chanting.Uncle Lee had his home, asked to take the book shelves, no barrier, often scared, thinking that by leaps and bounds.Scholars cite, Ye Xian Wei tune.Early Xining, Beijing held four school officials, the paper is excellent, professor of Beijing Imperial College, Wen Yanbo was left behind, the stay any longer.Sushi taste reflected in its poetry, thought to pull free and natural, independent table of all things, the world is no such a long time to make, by the reputation is beginning earthquake.Know Taihe County, it is easy to cure.When the class awarded salt-making, Morogata dispute majority, No Wo alone, officials unhappy, and security of the people.  Li Zhe, called for the Collator, "Shenzong Record" review officer.Over years, he moved Zhuzuozuolang, plus school science Jixian."Record" to, pull out the personal Scheeren.Dingmu storm.Xiao Jian court of Benedict, sick mother Mi year depending on the color of day and night, with a puzzled clothes, and death, under Lumu, Mourning Damage was sick a few Scots.In addition to clothing, as Mishu Cheng, reminding Ming Palace and National History Compilation officer.Shaosheng First, the known XuanZhou, change EZHOU.Zhangdun, Cai Bian party on its "record" more than falsely accused, former historian Separated serve Ky town to be asked, picking more than a thousand shows of, that is no authentication.Hospital officials subsequently reading test, according to the evidence noted, the only thing I thirty-two.Court Jianshu "iron Talon river, there is child's play with.".It is the first to ask Yan.He replied: "Court McKenzie official Hokuto, taste my own eyes, the ears really child's play."Where there is asked, all straight resigned to right, told of the strong.Fu state Biejia derogatory, Guizhou state placement, the speaker still to be good at is crooked law.Pro too, then shift Rong Zhou, Ting Kennedy Park course, not to mind Demeaned.Shu Shi Mu from the tour, lectures tireless, Where it refers to the award, getting a view of Jieke.  Huizong ascended the throne, from the prison Ezhou tax, Ningguo Jun judge a book signing, know Shu Prefecture, to the Board of Civil Lang called, are not resigned.County beggar, that Pacific State to the 9th strike, director Yu Long view.Ting Jian micro-gap in Hebei Zhao Ting, the Ting of power, transport Magistrate Chen Cheng wind lift purpose, its made "Jing Nancheng day hospital in mind," refers to the disaster Fortunately, the complex removed, custodial Yizhou.Three years, migration Yongzhou, did not smell life and died in sixty-one.  Ting Jian learning articles, Tiancheng to nature, Chen Shi Du Fu Road, stating that his poems are successfully implemented, and not just to those who learn.Good deeds, cursive, Kaifa also dreams.And Zhang Lei, Chao Bu, Guan Ju Su Shi door travel, the world is known as the four bachelor, while Kennedy court in the article especially good at poetry, Sichuan, Jiangxi gentleman to court with Shi Jian, so called "Su Huang.".When Shi for the attendants, for self-generation, the word has "Guiwei of the text, obviously in when the world, Takatomo trip, chase with the ancients" of the language, it's also so heavy.Initially, Anhui tour kneel Valley Temple, Shek hole, its music Linquan wins, because since the number Valley Road Flyover cloud."Throughout the life of Huang Ting, an early age is very bright, and excels in school, often times you can never forget the chance to read, recite such as flow.Legend has it that one day, Lee Huang Ting's homes to see positive nephew Huang Ting at his desk studying, he wanted to test nephew scholarship.Due to the intake of the study, see Lee hospital has a mulberry tree, inform the relationship between mulberry silkworm cocoon, silk, brocades title, the associated top real Yin: "The mulberry sericulture silkworm cocoon cocoon spinning, silk Fairview."See uncle came to the exam, Huang did not stage fright.He delivered the line that started in the brush tube, the nearest thinking, fighting immediately and uncle right, answer the second line: "Grass possession Rabbit, Rabbit Health cents, cents tie pen, the pen to write articles."After that, they readily Lee asked him to take a book from the shelf to take, no he did not know.Lee thus also that their nephew was thousands of miles only.  Sung Wong Yau three years (1051), Huang Ting-year-old shepherd boy poem as follows: "Bull riding is far too front of the village, Piper wind oblique Gean smell, how much Chang Ming Like, exhausted all inferior to the king."The next year, he went to move away poem:" Miles Yun Cheng with ancestral whip, Song Jun Yu-chieh go back before, if asked old Huang Ting, eight years disgrace in this world."In this way, young people to grow up from the Silk Mountain in Jiangxi.  Song Zhiping four years (1067), Huang in the move, to serve Xian Wei Ye County.Along the way, the face of human history, customs, landscape view, revel in the embrace of nature, but Huang Ting at full speed, because before that, he did not immediately assume office, but were allowed to return home first.Shiko as a person, after his father died early, the mother put up with hardships, live frugally support his reading.Today, fame, his first thought was to go home Accompanying about his mother, and therefore some delay departure.Until Xining first year (1068) in autumn, Huang was home to his new post.Because of the way his wife Lanxi sick, youthful face up when the water is too Ru, blocking the trip until September, had just arrived in Ruzhou.Ruzhou pass sentence of former FU Bi see Huang Ting delayed the date of taking office, Huang Ting put in detention in the shogunate, grilling, and preparing to declare to the court, otherwise change official.  "Year-end cold invasion wandering clothing, detention shogunate official newspaper shift.Dream return just before dawn three hundred years, twelve o'clock the day Sze.The car does not spit Yan Yuan-by, there is a tiger in the city became suspect.Pros and cons of being put off what is going on, is always safe to book late."Huang Ting family during this period wrote poetry tour officialdom's fear of his mother worried," Sze Yu Chau as meaning "poem wanted to official news reports are subject to change to home.He spit Yin Allusions from "Han?Bing Ji Chuan, "Bing Ji man deep, subordinate officials and promote good cover too.It is the prime minister, Yu Officials (motorists) car drunk vomit, West Cao Zhuli want Chizhu, ended the day Heikichi: the "drunk full of lost persons, the person will re He Suorong?West Cao of (temporarily) forbearance, but this car pollution prime minister Yin ear."Then do not.Here, he did not refer to were dismissed due to negligence.But more afraid of rumors, or may worry mothers.Which show that a mother's heart wanderer Impossible.The "dream return just before dawn three hundred years, day twelve o'clock Sze."Homesickness become a classic famous people.  As the poem says Huang Ting, Bing Ji Han Dynasty, Song really have FU Bi.FU Bi by the fact that this person is very origins of his (1004) was born in Luoyang in Jingde first year.At first, his mother Han pregnant pregnant, dreamed flags crane geese landed in the courtyard, saying that God pardoned, and soon gave birth FU Bi.FU Bi adhere to a young man learning, gas, generous, very surprised to see him after Zhongyan, said: "The emperor was his assistant."He wrote the article showed the king's, see Yan, Yan will marry his daughter.It is such a person, when the mother learned that Huang Ting filial reason, consider the party a few days later the release of Huang Ting Ye.FU Bi although Huang Ting let a horse, but still a wake-up call to Huang Ting, say career hangs in the balance, as good as the wake-up call.  "Ye County: clear?Qian, "recorded in any of the Tingjian Ye" being an official, outstanding achievements ".When the Northern Song Ye County government office in the old county today.Shu Meng Chang Huang Ting removal verses "Er Er Lu Feng, Min Min fat cream; easy to abuse the people, God difficult bully" personally inscribed ring inscribed on the stone, to encourage each other from the police, People honest.  Huang Ting Ye arrival of the second year, met the flood disaster in Hebei, China, he "displaced sigh" to a, describes famine everywhere, times of hardship horrors, called on the government and relief.He wrote: "Shuofang years without good rain frequency, five, would not join the virtual Spring.Near to the soil behind the night the earthquake, there are like giant Ao Dai complex three mountain tour.Pour Wall destroy buildings pressing the elderly, with cries of undecided torrent.Hindi draw Li fever boiling water, ten students head eighty-nine.A little smell Chanyuan day tens of thousands to cross the river, Hebei virtual unknown a few states.Ye Xiang among numerous negative swaddling clothes, and buildings nothing no cattle farming.Zi was beginning to desert soil, sigh and later to presume what will.Provincial governor Shouling really share those concerns, such as Ming Chao sorrow parents.Yilv temple has been used only, when the eyes see Ando.Alienation of the plan is not easy to Chen, ShangXi Three Words or into a tiger.When the scourge of popular solid non-Yao Tang flood and people do not know.First undocumented Huanhou of the disease, the Qin Shi treatment Que.  Cast plastic surplus skim once clear river, how can a basket for cooked rice continued public life.While still willing and this spring, a little talk about the Duke of Zhou Zheng twelve.Wind-party group mouth surprisingly, commonplace fortunate to listen to."In the third day, Huang and Chaoduan Guo Feng Xi ordered to go Wuyang Maanshan (this territory Wugang) Donggang River View paddy.Since living in the county government, the office every day, to do so, work, greeting sent, everything has meaning Juanniao.Once out of the county government, the eastern part of the old Jinshan Yuan Wang Ye, Ma On Shan, is so attractive novelty, smell the wild flowers, horseshoe relaxed.But the excitement of the moment has not stopped the invasion of cold air, due to the wrong way, then up the mood Zou.He wrote, "poem by fields and order": "The wrong approach roads left Jeong, times Mizusawa, mountain path deep crisis, mud flooded the ice, long dry can only rely on horse crossing.Line fifty miles, then should not the horse, tiger tracks new step Juru, black birds Cong noise Jingzhen, day out to do, even on the river."Plus he witnessed some officials to take credit rewards, regardless of terrain height, regardless of the people's growing habit, Jun law by torture, forced all the local people will be changed to dry paddy field, resulting in" Hennessy who, by the real reward; force fields were subject to real harm.County line null and void, the court by the title, the name the people, in fact, the."The reality of the scene made him feel even more heavy heart.Thus wrote "no idle agricultural produce strong, shortage hazel make cut.Archeology Qian Guan Ding, noted the call elderly.Best Italian official word encyclical, impaired water can be used for Pei.Chun Yeung one hundred ares japonica, autumn report obtained Chikura.Turned around and laughing from Lennon, they do not wheat from evil.Catcher is not rice, Cheng Kongfei public distress, meat eaters do not know, why bitter converted?"The poem to show his fledgling, the true self, kindness and sympathy for the sufferings of the people, and the allegory of 'meat eaters' of.  However, the next that he was very pleased that, in the view on the way, met with him and served the same year exams and Scholars of Wuyang County Wei Pei Zhongmou, the same year two high school reunion Scholars colleagues, laughing aloud.So, join some tour Ma'anshan.Welcome to Huang Ting Pei Zhongmou first poetry, then he is making a great poet, reciprocate freely, and after another three rhyme.The first song "and the rain from Tong Pei Zhongmou return," the poem, he wrote: "Pei Friends of the West Wing of antiquity, Quchi Vientiane empty his writings.I will be looking for points to stay still, far and near mountains misty rain."The second song" Rhyming Pei Zhongmou same year, "the poem, he wrote:" Ru pay cap spring water, beds relatively lying monk felt.Wuyang defoliation was Barry, cheap child and teenager are public.If raw white hair Qi species, Aoyama take advantage of money.Smoke bamboo reed sand south bank of the river, cormorants take time and lose sleep."If the first two poems by King lyric, then the third song" Rhyming Pei Shan Wei had "poem, the poet full of passion, carefully written to describe the beautiful scenery of Ma'anshan.Ma On Shan line Funiushan Mountains, located in the middle of the leaf Wugang County, something stretching 10 km long, 1 km wide from north to south, its main peak two towering ridge, middle concave, shape of the saddle, hence the name "Shan".Huang Ting through woodlands, over rocks, listening to the springs, reading grass, to King lyric wrote: "Castle anger as horses circled mistaken for Lin Jin saddle blanket flower.Have you not according to the saddle towards the Jade Emperor, who should long as Sin City Gate."With 'forest flower shop Kam', describing pink almond blossoms throughout the year on the Ma On Shan, bright red peach, white pear, purple straw flower stems, yellow chrysanthemum, azalea and bonuses, honeysuckle white.Huang Ting is still "play A public poems," he wrote: "I bow officials, Wang Dun thin Conscription.Wen shift chaotic like hemp, such as emergency period will hail.Fu convergence and fugitive, 79 A cord of wood.At this time, when the public think, for the HE kiyotaka?"Official micro Beizhi, Christians have a cavity plead the blood shed nowhere.  "Cares Ferries, play Dragon Sendai, Wang Qiaofei mallard, leaving Zhuge Hui, Shek Mun Ka escape, Ouyang hometown, high-Giang Vo, Lishui Longbridge."Ye Xing Eight argument in the Tang, Song Sheng.In one Chunhui autumn sun, Huang cares Ferries, play Dragon Sendai.After Longbridge Lishui, Qingtian purple street thirty,?Water winding lying Yangshan.According to legend, is the man of God lying Yangshan Wong Tai Sin hoot sheep fossils here, and therefore hill overgrown with weeds, capped rocks looming, afar like a flock of sheep scattered over the hillside, hence the name.Shandong away from this south a mile away, there are a huge stone, which is shaped like a hound, lying head and looked toward the Yangshan direction, because the name "police Yangshan".Exposure between Eagle City landscape, that there are "poor Doo five meters, and took me a river music" troubles, Huang in the spectacular beauty of the pattern of life and regain the high ground of.Additionally, through the ages Ye County, Ouyang Xiu, Su Shi, Su Che so we pour in, the formation of Huang Ting goods school, they have played no small role.Therefore, Huang Mao in thick bamboo, soup?Aquatic environments moved by the occasion, leaving 56 of the Travel Mo Yan stone.Lying Yangshan clear sound thus far and wide in the name of the first start.  Old Ye County dragon culture with its heavy national culture brings great influence Huang Ting.At the same time, he was of ancient calligraphers such as Chu Sui-liang, Zhang Xu, Yen Chen, Huai Su, who calligraphic style in a furnace, but also draws vertical and horizontal achievements, the book body sui generis.Huang Ting is "School of Jiangxi" advocates, however, the "School of Jiangxi" a lot of important poets, such as representatives of the late poet Chen Yi, the official Shenzhizhengshi Southern Song Dynasty (equivalent to deputy prime minister), but it is people Ye County.This poetry from the shackles of poetry of "Xi Kun body" in the poetry of "search novelty book, wearing a hole different story", advocating Shouying style, created bend the law, advocating "Remoulding, the Golden" of law.It can be said, Ye County straightforward simple folk, the impact of the "School of Jiangxi", but also achievements Huang Ting.Huang Ting and Su par, the Bank said "Su Huang"."Chuihong Poetry," says: Wei Ye valley Day as "new village poetry", the "school near the vulgar know back late, the whole body feel sick bow down hard" sentence, spread all see the Mid elderly, hit section enrapture, that Huang Mouqing only, non-running Suli.According to the "History of the Song" contains: "Sushi reflected in its poetry, that ultra-Yi pull, separate table of all things, the world long as no such."Thus became famous, then in addition to Professor North are that promotion to Beijing (name to Beijing), Professor Imperial College (in charge of Academic Affairs Officer).  Huang Ting Although Scholars origin, but can be a meteoric rise, Beijing became official, explained that he absorbed rich in nutrients in the soil Hawks Town.In "Zhang Datong, please write to the true self-praise," the poem, Huang wrote: "eyebrows Guangyu, as Lushan.Huang Guo item is issued, as paint park.Taoguang anonymous, will shuangjing.Xuan said wonderful talk, two hot ? River.Unexpected dead wood, ashes or else."Huang Ting leaves during the writing of" Orchids Fu "post (after Ji chisel for the monument), called a rarity, as the state relegation heritage.Tongzhi six years (AD 1867), Jiangxi Scholars to any Ouyang Lin Ye County magistrate, who hold lapel clear, very loving Huang calligraphy, saw Mo Yan stone lying on the Yangshan, treasure.In the mountains built a section of Huang Ancestral Hall, the way to find a Feng Huang Ting later years of imperial edict written "Orchids Fu", Kebei stand in Temple.In mid-1919, but also very fond of calligraphy Xiangcheng people know Tianzuo Lin Ye, also a calligrapher, then how wonderful inscribed Huang Ting figurines, and stand "Orchids Fu" monument side.After 1942 years ago, Tang Enbo Ju Ye County to rescue school youth occupied areas, the development of qualified training after the war four provinces in the name of the then Kuomintang central government approval of the Ministry of Education, in Ye County organized a "Rusu Yu-wan border Academy ".For facade decoration, Tang Enbo arty, lying Yangshan temple destroyed, the internal "Orchids Fu" monument moved to College.When the Japanese captured Ye, "Orchids Fu" monument almost destroyed BingXian, after Puppet Ye County Magistrate Zhao Mingtang Luezhi its establishment in the east off the Green Gang in the "Temple".In 1948, when General Chen Geng Ye stay, he made a special trip to go watch this monument set, and indicates the time range from county to protect this historical heritage.In mid-1963, the People's Government of Henan Province set this monument declared as a key cultural relics protection units.In mid-1965, "Orchids Fu" monument from east off the shift register cultural centers, within existing Ye Ye Xian Ya.Thirteen on the monument after Sangluan, after displacement, this fortunate Ye can coexist in the ancient county government, known as the national treasure of cultural relics.Years ago, I was in the company of museum curator, see the kind.It is not only the spiritual wealth of the people of Eagle City, but also spiritual treasure of the Chinese nation.When chongning four years (AD 1105) Lunar September 30, 61-year-old passenger died Shu Huang Ting upstairs a precarious border town of Guangxi, Huang Yingcheng never returned to earth, but his mind, but also to death not forgetting the land.Because it is the land on this side, the achievements of his most poetic life.







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